Namibia boasts a large number of reptiles and also holds the most species of lizards in the world.

Our Namibian herping tours concentrate on the arid zones where there is a high rate of endemism. There are several range restricted species endemic to Namibia, of which 70% occur in the arid Namib Desert. The arid landscapes are more open and un-vegetated which makes it a lot easier searching for reptiles throughout the year. The last herping trip we managed to find all six species of Bitis adders in the country.

On the central plateau and further north it becomes a higher rainfall area and one finds a good spread of snake species including several Cobra and Adder species, Black Mamba, Boomslang, Anchieta's Dwarf Python and a good mixture of Colubrids. The better months to 'herp' these areas are definitely the wetter summer months as the abundance of food source and warmer temperatures activate the reptiles.

A number of endemic geckos and lizards can be found on the central plateau stretching north into Angola. A high number of Pachydactylus species are found in Namibia and several are exceptionally localised like the Marais Gecko (Pachydactylus maraisi) known only from one dolomite ridge in the Namib.

Several endemic amphibians are found along the escarpment into the north east of Namibia and are best searched for in the rainy summer months when they become most active.

Herping Tours:

Join us on an 12 Day Herping Expedition in January 2024

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Namibia has five biomes with different characteristics and habitats that provide suitable environments to approximately 250 reptilian species, of which 95 species are endemic. This tour is designed specifically to target as many species as possible. We will not only be seeing wonderful reptiles and breathtaking landscapes, but also many exciting mammals, birds, invertebrates, and plants. You can look forward to clean and comfortable accommodation, delicious, wholesome food and friendly people.

Nightwalks are a vital part of this tour to tick off as many nocturnal species as possible.

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