Covid-19 Traveling Guidelines

In accordance with the Namibian Tourism Board and World Health Organization, the following Standard Operating Procedures and guidelines will be followed to ensure a safe traveling environment for our guests.

Guests will be requested to complete a Medical and Travel Declaration before partaking in activities/tours.


• Guide to welcome guests with face mask.
• Avoid direct contact – no shaking of hands and keep a distance between yourself and the guest as far as possible.
• Guide to explain to guests where they can find sanatising and refuse bins.
• Where possible, passengers should be assigned a seat for the duration of their passage and encouraged to remain in their assigned space to minimize the transmission of the virus.


• Coach / Vehicle to be sanitised using disinfectant cleaner before departing the depot.
• Coach / Vehicle contain cleaning / alcohol-based hand sanatising equipment for regular own use.
• Guides/drivers will always wear masks when cleaning fleet.
• Guides/drivers will undergo thermal screening before every new assignment.
• Appropriate, clear and visible signage in all vehicles to raise awareness by passengers of measures and equipment available, taken to ensure their safety by us.
• After return to depot, the entire coach will undergo a deep clean and disinfection cycle.
• Air-handling systems, air-conditioner and other air circulation systems shall be sanatised and maintained after each tour.
• The sanatisation of all interior hard surfaces that may have been touched by passengers including seatbelts, grip handles, window and door handles, glass surfaces seatbacks and overhead safety handles will be deep cleaned at the depot, and sanitised daily on tour. Also includes microphones, exterior door-handles, interior windows and glass surfaces.
• Adequate airing of the vehicle prior to re-use.

On Tour

• Guide to clean and sanatise coach on a continual basis: prior to departure, during lunch stops and after arrival at
the destination.
• Advise guests that most of the travel documentation is shared and provided on a digital platform.
• Guests are advised to choose one seat and avoid rotation where practical.
• Continued disinfection of areas that are frequently used and touched are meticulously cleaned, door locks, window sliders,
fridge / cool box, handrails, dustbins.
• Where a passenger displays – or is suspected of having any symptom associated with COVID-19, steps shall be taken to isolate the passenger and to notify the appropriate authority