Desert Night Walk

We offer a night walk to the Namib’s gravel plains where you will be shown the desert-adapted nightlife concentrating on the various species of Gecko, Spiders, Gerbils and Scorpions. During the day the desert looks inhospitable, unfriendly, devoid of any animal life, but once the sun sets, the plains turns into a playground for various creatures.

Most of the creatures in the Namib are nocturnal and can be observed only after dark. The Night walk offers a glimpse into the nocturnal theatre of this unique eco-system. After dark, the seemingly barren Namib gravel plains come to life and we help you discover these little nocturnal wonders.

The walks provide a truly amazing educational experience of the little-seen nocturnal critters. This walk starts from near the Rossmund Lodge where a short walk across the Swakop River will take you to the desolate gravel plains to the south.